How to Pitch (Coming Soon)

How to Pitch (Coming Soon)

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Signup for How to Pitch by SwineTech CEO and pitching phenom, Matthew Rooda.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to go through the Iowa Startup Accelerator.  During that time I met a college student named Matthew Rooda.

Matthew was one of the best at pitching I had ever seen.  On launch day, he pitched his startup to a crowd of nearly 1000 people and absolutely knocked it out of the park.

See his pitch here.

The difference between a good pitch in an average pitch is hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Give yourself the best chance to pitch your startup, pitch your idea, or win the sale.

Learn to pitch from CEO of SwineTech, Matthew Rooda!

Since the Iowa Startup Accelerator, Matthew and SwineTech have won over 300k in pitch competitions globally! 

You will learn to:

    • Give a 30 second pitch
    • Give a 60 second pitch
    • Give a 6 minute pitch
    • Give a 20 minute pitch
    • Prepare your slide deck for success
    • Win pitch competitions
    • Leverage wins for future opportunities
    • Develop daily habits to be successful at pitching
    • And much more...


    About Swinetech

    1. SwineTech graduated from the Iowa Startup Accelerator in 2015 Link
    2. SwineTech was featured on the Boston Globe as Innovation of the Week. Link
    3. SwineTech featured in Silicon Prairie News Link
    4. They have been sweeping pitch competitions for over a year Link
    5. SwineTech won top prize at Future Founders pitch competition Link
    6. This years Cupid’s Cup Pitch Competition was taken home by Matthew Rooda Link
    7. International Business Model Competition was won by Matthew and SwineTech Link
    8. SwineTech wins JPEC Business Plan competition Link
    9. In total, SwineTech has brought home over $300,000 in pitch competition winnings